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Residential rental Renovation for commercial rentals in San Diego. SL United Construction is a top-rated custom home builder and remodeler in San Diego, CA and we have the perfect team to manage and complete your residential renovation project to a rent-ready condition quickly, without cutting corners. 

Renovating your rental property is one of the best ways to ensure it remains competitive in the San Diego prime rental market – and earn you a hefty profit for many years to come.

A well-thought-out renovation can help you attract higher-quality tenants, reduce your operating costs, allow you to charge a higher rental price, and even boost your rental’s value.

We’ll help you maintain your rental property in perfect condition and ready to rent! No project is too big or small, and we offer handyman services too! 

We have the vision and experience to help properly maintain your home. We do it right, the first time. At SL United Construction we maintain a steadfast belief in the value of good old-fashioned hard work.

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Outside Residential Renovation Services

Keeping the exterior of your property in good shape can make all the difference to your property’s curb appeal. SL United Construction is here to help you with exterior repairs. We make sure your rental makes an outstanding first impression.  

We separate ourselves from the clone-style services by maintaining a high standard of excellence and commitment to San Diego property owners and commercial property managers. 

It is our business to make your rental property beautiful, durable, and market ready to rent.

Inside Residential Renovation Services

As professional custom home builders and remodelers, we understand a fresh coat of paint can do wonders for updating a space. Customer satisfaction is first on our list of priorities. We take an active approach and provide practical, usable advice that you will love… and stay within your budget!

Whatever your needs, we’re there for you – complete interior remodels, flooring, appliances, tile and cabinet repairs to complete replacements, kitchen and bath counters, fixtures, and more.  

We provide compete flooring and drywall services – wall repairs and simple patching with texture and color matching, to completely new walls and floors, we make your property look great!

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Quality & Integrity You Can Trust

We’ll guide you through all of the messy details, and we’ll get the job done quickly and efficiently, You can be confident knowing that, as as a dedicated home builder and remodeler, we’ll be with you every step of the way .

Who doesn’t want to own and show a rental property that you would be comfortable to live in? The ideal home space and rent-ready exactly to their specifications? Home Construction and Building requires dedication, time, personal attention, and an attentive builder. As a top-tier general contractor, we provide quality workmanship and top of the line materials.

We do it all while keeping your budget and vision in mind and work fervently to achieve the highest standards of quality and safet

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